Healthy body, happy mind

Kelly the Koala likes hanging out in his tree, watching tv and eating his favourite food – burgers! He doesn’t really like other foods, and doesn’t like to exercise. 

Recently he noticed when his friends asked him to play, he didn’t feel very good. He couldn’t catch up with them and ran out of breath quickly, then he felt sick. He often went home early because he felt so tired. In fact, he felt tired almost all the time, and began doing less and less. Sometimes, Kelly would get teased and feel left out.

Kelly didn’t want to feel like that anymore. He decided he was going to listen to his body. He notices how it feels when he’s full, and drinks lots more water. He still likes burgers, but doesn’t eat them so often. Now he eats a variety of foods, especially fruit and vegetables.

Now Kelly helps pack his lunches, so he is learning a lot more about healthy foods. It's actually fun, as there are so many combinations to try and new flavours to discover. 

He started doing yoga with his friends, and walks to the park. Kelly especially likes to pack a rainbow picnic, take their towels and picnic outside with his friends. Afterwards, they do some yoga to help their digestion. He feels so much better! He has more energy and feels happier. He isn’t so tired and moody all the time. 

Kelly practices “Healthy Body, Happy Mind”. Here are a few key practices to help you look after your health, your body, and your mind. 

Eat a rainbow diet

Drink lots of water

Notice when you’re full

Be active every day

Here is a yoga sequence to help aid digestion:

Butterfly - Triangle - Lunge - Warrior 3 - Butterfly

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