Behind Rainbow Gum

Kids come in all different colours and grow in different directions, yet they all need solid roots.


At Rainbow Gum Yoga Mats, more than creating premium yoga mats and accessories for children, we aim to help parents, carers and teachers dealing with kids emotional resilience and regulation through the practice of yoga and mindfulness.

Learning emotional flexibility and physical flexibility go hand-in-hand as the mind and body are intertwined. Our mats are not magic (we wish they were) but it is what you do on your mat that will make the true difference.

Our Aussie animal family share their own stories to enable parents to deliver complex concepts in a simple and positive way that can be reinforced daily through everyday wellness practices and mindset-shifting mantras.

Our yoga mats are child friendly – they are high-quality and easy for children to use, carry and store, as well as caring for the environment our Rainbow Gum family lives in.



Co-Founder Sandra is mum to two beautiful girls (ages 7 and 2). Her mindfulness journey started when she read some facts about anxiety and depression in kids under 16. The statistics were so disheartening and alarming that, as a parent, she wanted to do something meaningful to assist kids (and parents) to become happier and more balanced people. Sandra has always been fascinated by various education methods around the world, and the science of happiness and positive psychology on children. 

She firmly believes that absolutely no one is immune to depression, self-doubt, anxiety, or lack of confidence, no matter your age, background, or culture, so learning tools as children
 to manage those feelings just like we teach literacy and numeracy, is the key to help kids feel stronger and more empowered.

Sandra's ultimate goal would be to see yoga or any sort of mindfulness activities become daily practice in every school to to help kids build resilient minds and balanced bodies.



Co-Founder Jeanette's interest in the wellness space began long ago, with a Degree in Psychology and a keenness to understand the human condition. Since then she has been on her own journey to improve her emotional resiliency and mental wellness. Having studied various subjects in the area, she felt it could be overwhelming enough for adults to learn how to change our behaviour to manage complex emotions and feel more calm, capable, and happy, so it is a skill set best learnt early! Her aim is to contribute to the wellbeing of future generations by condensing learnings into easy-to-digest supports for young children and busy families.  

Jeanette has also been practicing yoga and meditation since her late teens, and is still learning! Aside from having been a cornerstone of her fitness regime for flexibility and muscle strength, Yoga has been a powerful tool for her in terms of managing the mind-body connection to manage stress and anxiety. Yoga is a practice Jeanette believes can bring ongoing benefits to the wider community and is another skill she believes is useful to wellbeing to learn from an early age.