Affiliate Program


We're passionate about getting the word around that yoga is a great way for kids to start becoming mindful about their bodies and their emotional wellbeing. Encouraging kids to establish healthy habits at an early age improves their physical health and flexibility and bodily awareness, as well as reducing stress and anxiety.

We're also passionate about supporting our community and helping others who also believe in promoting the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. That's why we've created our Affiliate Program.

Are you a Rainbow Gum Yoga Mats customer who loves our products and agrees with our mission? You now have the opportunity to earn money from the products you love by simply sharing content and offers to your friends/followers. When people purchase from us with your unique code you will make $$$ from that purchase!


Why join our Affiliate Program?

☼ You will receive 5% commission on sales using your code

☼ No cost to join

☼ Earn money through your existing channels

Align yourself with a high-quality, positive Australian company

☼ Reward your followers with 15% discount


What do I need to do?

☼ Communicate why you love our product and our brand

☼ Share your unique affiliate code with your friends and followers

☼ Track your sales on our Affiliate Portal

☼ Check your earnings coming in!


Ready to join us?

We provide the resources to help you start earning commission as soon as possible. Just register via our portal here Sign Up  

Download our brochure for more information.

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