RGYM Animal Yoga

Does your child struggle to follow a yoga routine? That's ok, let's try something a little different.

By now you would have met our friends, Kelly Koala, Ellis Emu, Kim Echidna, Pat Platypus, and Terri Tasmanian Devil. We know some of their favourite poses, but what do these characters usually do in their own environment?

Let's pretend to be them and find out!

You can choose any animal for this activity, and the more time available the more you might like to try. It's a simple activity to
Increase their focus and concentration
☀ Improve their balance
☀ Connect to nature
☀ Stimulate their senses
☀ Promote calmness and relaxation
☀ Engage creativity

1. Lay out your yoga mat, preferably outdoors, as long as it is a calm space.

2. Ask your child to choose a RGYM character, maybe the one on their mat. Otherwise any other animal they like.

3. Ask them to pose like their chosen animal, hold the pose and close their eyes.

4. Have your child imagine they are that animal. How do they feel? Are they furry? Are they in a tree? In the water? Is their pose running, flying or reaching?

5. If there is more than one child, have the others guess and then take a turn at the different animals.

6. At the end of the game, have the child talk about their animal and how they felt.