Thoughts that make you happier

Happiness is not a path: happiness is the path. Happiness is not something you grasp, it doesn't come naturally and it is a question of shifting your mindset. Being happy is being mindful of the people, moments and things which are surrounding us, is being appreciative of things you have and lower your expectations. 

To better overcome the influx of feelings and emotions that can drag you down, you can use those statements to help you feel better. 

This too shall pass

It makes you realise that life is not constant. Elements are evolving around us and we need to manage to go through each bump, each storm as nothing is permanent. After the rain always comes the sun. 

You are not alone

No you are not. Reminding yourself that there is always someone who loves you, who can help you, who you can talk to. You don't have to go through this dark storm on your own.

People have good intentions

Taking a deep breathe and trying to put your shoes into someone's else can most of the time make you relax and understand a situation. If you can, try to take a step out of your body and be the "observer", like a third person observing what's happening. It helps you develop a sense of empathy.

There's a bright side to every situation

Yes yes yes. In most cases, there is a bright side to most of the situations. It requires a super power and a lot of practice but when you've done this, you realise that seeing the positive effect on any given situation brings you a calmer feeling and pushes away the negative emotions you might have. It helps with developing a sense of gratitude. Always try to look at the glass half full.

Slow down and breathe

All your yoga practice and your breathing exercises will help you in any stressful situation. When you start to loose control of your feelings, when your reactions are led by overwhelmed emotions and it is not your calm self that is leading the way, try to focus on your breathing, that is something that you can control. Focus on what you can control.


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