What about trying this weekly challenge #1?

Just like coffee for some, what about addicting our children to a daily dose of meditation?

We strongly advise you to create a routine and spend 5 to 10 minutes a day (without any sort of technology) to lay down for a couple of minutes and listen to one of meditation app like Stop, Breathe and Think or Smiling Mind or practice some breathing techniques and yoga poses. 

You can also top up your routine with these extra activities: 

Monday: Squeeze and let go, tensing different muscles in the body for 5 seconds and then slowing releasing

Tuesday: Tune into the body by getting down on your child’s level and feeling each other’s heartbeats.

Wednesday: Go on a ‘safari’, go wonder on a short walk trying to pay attention to birds, grass, trees, bugs, crawling insects, flowers...

Thursday: Lay down on the grass and find shapes in the cloud.

Friday: Sit down with your child and ‘color your feelings’ together on a blank canvas or coloring a mandala while you can ask about his/her feelings.

Saturday: Listen to music and try to pick the different instruments you can hear each. 

Sunday: Take turn (that could be during family dinner) and list all the things you are grateful for today.

Get your printable now to stick on the fridge or on a door visible to anyone. Set your kids or your family a reward for achieving this week's challenge, treat your them with a take away, go to the movies, buy a book…



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