Yoga videos for kids

Here is a selection (regularly updated) of yoga videos for kids you can find on youtube. It is not always easy to teach yoga and to come with original ideas for your children or students to stay on their mats and practice. You might not have the time as well, what about checking out those videos and see if any of those would look like fun for your children. 

Cosmic kids with Jamie. See her Youtube channel here.

Yoga with Adriene. Watch her videos for kids. Her free yoga videos for adults are awesome as well!!

Yoga for beginners: Here

Bari Koral youtube channel for a bit more cartoonish videos. Here

Go with Yoyo. Watch here

Gaia has a pretty expansive range of videos and documentaries: See more here


Here is also an other selection of Youtube mindfulness videos/channels for kids.  

Check out those great Youtube channels:

Happy Minds - Meditations & Sleep Stories. Watch here

New Horizons. Have a look here.

My life. Watch here.


If you know more awesome videos for kids, please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to share them on this page. Just send an email to