Lunchbox printable notes - Mindfulness and Positive affirmations

Especially for you, as part of our RGYM family club, you will have access to our full bundle including 60 positive notes that you can print and put in your kid's lunchbox. It is not because you don’t SEE your child that you can't INFLUENCE or teach them to be a better self.

In the middle of a long day without you, a day full of challenges and various emotions, being able to read a note that will make them feel stronger and guide them on how to be a better person is priceless. We know we are all so busy in the morning.

With this bundle, you will be set for at least three months of loving and positive lunchbox notes. We see this as part of the continuity of our mindfulness mission. Being content, more grateful and mindful can be taught on the mat but also in all our actions. 

Changing or building a growth mindset is something we have to build everyday. 



Print them all, cut them and place a different positive note each day. We hope you will enjoy this to make a positive impact in your kids life.

One lunchbox note a day and it is one more step on the road of resilience, kindness and confidence. 

You're welcome ;-)