Lovely Letters Activity

Here is a great activity that can be shared between family or friends, intended to build self-esteem and improve communication. All you will need is some stationery, envelopes, and markers. Make sure it is decorative stationery, or have the kids decorate their own.

We often don't take the time to acknowledge the things we like about others, or notice the many positive qualities they may have. Likewise, it can be difficult for us to see all the good qualities we have in ourselves, or recognise things that others may appreciate about us. 

It can be difficult for people to accept compliments if they are not used to receiving them, and unfortunately it is not always common for others to communicate appreciation to others. Compliments add value to our own self-esteem and reinforce our positive beliefs about ourselves. Complimenting others builds upon communication and connection between each other. Plus it feels good for everyone involved to give and receive compliments!

So get out that letter paper and have the kids (and even adults!) write a note to another person. They may end up with several letters to multiple people they want to appreciate! If they are unable to write very well, they can draw a picture to demonstrate and you can help out with the writing. It doesn't have to be a long letter, just a note to pass their positive thoughts along.

This can be a short-term activity, delivering letters to people in the room. Or, play the long game and get to the post office, sending a letter by post! It's always exciting to receive something positive in the mail.
There are additional steps that can add even greater value to this activity.
- Discuss why it is important to give and receive compliments.
- After writing the lovely letters, discuss how it felt to write nice things about other people.
- After receiving lovely letters from others, discuss how they feel hearing nice things about themselves. 

 our free printable RGYM stationery and DIY envelope template to get started!