Positive and self-affirmations posters

We can't stress enough how we talk to ourselves can be uplifting or destructing.

Teaching kids how to positively talk about themselves and to themselves will make a huge difference when facing a difficult situation. Specially in those moments where this little voice inside your head takes control and influence you in a way or another. 

These positive affirmations will help shape how children's inner voice is making them feel.

Consistency and positive affirmations are the key to building self-confidence.

For too long taking care of yourself has been limited to the physical aspect (brush your teeth, get a shower, wash your hands, get dressed, eat your breakfast, brush your hair...) and it seems like we have neglected that mental health is as important if not more. When "getting ready for the day" should also be about reading your positive affirmations, do 5 min breathing, practice 10 min of yoga, sit outside and be aware of the sun raising, list three things your mindful for today, tell one thing you'll do better today than yesterday...

For you, we have put together some of the best self affirmation kids can repeat daily. Because we couldn’t stop at the first twenty, we have made 9 posters. 


Tip here: Just print one at a time and display it where it will be easy for your kid or students to read it once a day. We have noticed that on the bathroom’s mirror, while getting ready for the day was a good place to start ;-) Plus the message is clear here, you take care of your "physical you" as well as your "mental you".