Weekly challenge 2 - on and off your yoga mat

Alright, here it comes your challenge #2 to bring more Gratitude, Resilience, Empathy, Mindfulness and Yoga into your daily routine. 

You can complete those easy tasks on top of your 5 or 10 minutes of time on your yoga mat. There is nothing hard to do, again the hardest part is to find the time and to make it happen on a regular basis. That is the real challenge when you are a busy family.

As we said before, happiness is not a path, happiness is the path. Changing habits takes time and efforts. Anyone can do this, just take one step at a time.

When something is too challenging and you only see how far the end result is, we like to remind ourselves that we are not trees, we can move even at a snail pace. One centimetre everyday is still 365 centimetres at the end of the year!

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