Yoga games for kids - Perfect ice breaker for starting on your yoga mat

Having fun IS the key.

Is there a better way to ensure yoga and mindfulness are part of your kid's  daily routine than playing games? It is not about the results, not about the best yoga pose, not about the time you are spending on your yoga mat but about the journey, the fun and how it makes you feel. Yoga for adults and yoga for kids vary a lot on this aspect and social interaction and play are key elements in kids practice.

Here you will find few RGYM games to inspire you and start your yoga practice while having fun a lot of fun! 


Game #1: Let’s roll

You will only need a dice, your mat and your poster (download your bundle below). Find a cosy place and start rolling your dice. Strike the pose that relates to the number of the dice and hold it for 30 seconds. 

Game #2: Simon says game

A very classic game here. Pick one person to be “Simon”. Simon tells the others what they must do (add some fun with adding random yoga poses). However, everyone must only obey commands that begin with the words “Simon Says.” If you have a RGYM mat, you could use the name of your RGYM character (eg: "Terri says", or "Ellis says", or "Pat says"....) 

Game #3: Freeze dance

Play classical music, like Beethoven or Mozart, or soft music and have your kid(s) move to the music. When the music stops, do a yoga pose. Pretty simple and fun at the same time. You can use your A3 poster that you received in your kids yoga mat pack.

Game #4: Yoga fortunate teller 

Usually kids love fortunate tellers, it leaves a bit of mystery and you can take it anywhere with you. With up to 8 actions or 8 yoga positions, children will love this. You can create your own or get your RGYM yoga fortunate teller from your yoga games bundle. 

Game #5: What time is it yogi?

For this one, we will need the participation of an adult. While telling a story, and each time you mention a time in your story, your little yogi(s) has to strike the pose from the RGYM clock. 

Game #6: Use our RGYM yoga cards - Coming soon

Game #7: Draw on my back challenge

You need to two players for this challenge plus a couple of sheets of paper, two pencils and a peg or some sticky tape. One person sit on the mat with a sheet of paper attached to its back and the other person has to feel the movement of their pen and try to copy them on their own piece of paper. 

Game #8: Sushi time

For just a bit of fun, you could lay down and roll yourself up like a sushi using your mat, roll up and roll out...


And never forget to have fun! This is the most important ingredient to success.